Do You Need A Living Trust?

18 August 2015
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Do you have a living trust? If not, do you know who will take care of your assets once you can no longer manage them yourself? The following three questions offer a broad overview of living trusts and how they can benefit you. Why would you want a living trust? Before answering the question of why you would need one, it's important to understand what it means to have a living trust. Read More 

Understanding the Three Different Forms of Police Lineups

21 July 2015
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A police lineup is an identification exercise in which a witness to or victim of a crime is required to confirm the presence of a suspect. It is a useful tool for the prosecution since such a positive identification provides direct evidence of the perpetrators crime. These are the three different forms of a police lineup. The Simultaneous Lineup In this case, the police officers take the suspect plus other people (known as fillers), arrange them in a random order and ask the witness to identify the perpetrator of the crime in question. Read More 

How To Make Accident Arbitration A Level Playing Field For All Parties

4 June 2015
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Arbitration is one of the ways of settling accident disputes. One of the advantages of arbitration is that, due to its informal nature, it may be faster than the court process. However, there is always a risk that one party (often the defendant or the insurance company) may start the process at an advantage. Here are some measures to level the playing field: Have a Say on the Choice of Arbitrator Read More 

3 Tips To Help You Maintain Contact With Your Attorney Throughout Your Personal Injury Case

19 May 2015
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From the time you bring your personal injury case to your lawyer, to when it is actually settled or finalized, can take a long time. Maintaining communication with your attorney is key. Here are three tips to help you maintain solid communication with your attorney: Make A Phone Appointment  Throughout the day, your lawyer is working on multiple cases, conferencing with clients, collecting evidence, and spending time in court. If you really want to talk to your lawyer, instead of playing phone tag, setup a phone appointment with his paralegal. Read More 

Social Security Benefits After A Stroke: How To Qualify & File

24 November 2014
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Did a stroke leave you in a position where you are unable to take care of yourself financially? If so, you may be able to get social security benefits to assist with your daily needs and bills. In this article, you will find out how to qualify for social security benefits after a stroke and how to file. How Can A Stroke Victim Qualify For Social Security Benefits? It is possible to qualify for social security benefits after a stroke if you can prove that it has left you in a health condition that affects your ability to get a job. Read More