3 Tips for Getting Through an IRS Audit

19 December 2015
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Contrary to popular belief, the number of people who are audited by the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, is relatively small. According to an estimate, about one percent of people who file taxes are audited. Unfortunately, it is still possible. If you have been notified that you are being audited, here are some tips to help you survive the experience.  Obtain All Financial Records An audit is a line-by-line review of your income tax return. Read More 

A Money Dispute Amongst Business Partners: What a Lawyer Can Do

3 December 2015
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Are you fed up with your business partner giving you an unequal share of the profits that both of you work hard for? You may want to seek assistance from a litigation lawyer so he or she can determine if you have the right to file a lawsuit for the money you are owed. Discover below what a lawyer can do about the money dispute between you and your business partner. Read More 

3 Real Estate Easements Every Agent Should Know About

16 November 2015
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Working within the real estate industry can be exciting. Because of the financial risks associated with real estate investments, it's important that your clients understand the laws that govern real estate transactions. Since your clients will be looking to you as an expert, working with an attorney who specializes in real estate law can be beneficial. Here are three types of legal real estate easements you might want to ask an attorney to thoroughly explain so that you can competently guide your clients in the future. Read More 

Collecting Workers’ Compensation And Social Security Disability Concurrently: What You Should Know

29 October 2015
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If you have been injured while doing your job, you will likely be eligible to collect some benefits from workers' compensation insurance provided by your employer. If your disability is severe enough and you have become permanently disabled, you may also be qualified to collect Social Security Disability. You may be wondering if you can receive both workers' comp and Social Security Disability at the same time, and the quick answer is " Read More 

4 Ways To Ensure You Will Receive Workers’ Compensation

13 October 2015
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When it comes to being injured at work, this can be a difficult situation for you. Some of the challenges that accompany this type of accident may include steep medical bills and time lost from work. Being able to recover financially may depend on receiving worker's compensation in many cases. It's important to prepare ahead of time for your success when filing this claim. Go to the right doctor It's critical to visit a physician immediately after your injury. Read More