Reasons Pictures Of The Weather After An Accident Are Important

5 November 2019
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Getting pictures after you have been involved in a car accident is both important and easier to do now than ever since most people have cameras on their phones. You can usually remember to get pictures of the damage to the vehicle and maybe even tire marks, but there is something else that is good to capture in the images: the weather. The weather can have a big role to play on the day of a car accident. Read More 

Estate-Planning Made Fast And Easy

9 October 2019
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Many people are intimidated by the very idea of estate-planning. You have to admit, the term estate-planning does sound a bit complicated. What if you could take things step-by-step, though? After all, you don't have to make lots of important decisions all at once when you create your estate plan. An estate plan is actually a series of actions rather than one thing. You might want to begin your estate-planning by designating a bank account, for example. Read More 

Understanding The Restrictions You Have To Follow Prior To Securing A Social Security Attorney’s Services

27 August 2019
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If you are considering seeking Social Security Disability payments, and you have already tried to apply on your own but you were denied, you might be thinking about hiring a Social Security attorney. While this is a smart move because the Social Security office will consistently refuse disability claims, you should also know that you could be refused even with a lawyer if you do not follow certain restrictions and protocols. Read More 

Tips For Keeping Your Case Files In Order

1 August 2019
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When you're an attorney, you're often juggling a lot at once. You have several cases to handle, as well as information and paperwork related to each case. With so much paper flying around, staying organized and on top of things can sometimes prove challenging. Fortunately, with the right tools and the right tips, you can keep your files organized and accessible. Use Large, Capable File Jackets First of all, you should always separate and contain your files by using file jackets. Read More 

How To Get A New Trial After Your Criminal Conviction

3 July 2019
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If you were recently convicted of criminal charges and are now serving a sentence for that crime, you might want to consider fighting for a new trial if you feel that your first one was unfair to you. If you are in this position, here are several things to understand about getting a new trial. What it would mean Getting a new trial after a conviction means that you would have to go through an entirely new criminal trial, and the verdict from the new trial would overrule the verdict from the original trial. Read More