These Three Professionals Will Be Invaluable During The Difficult Time Of A Divorce

13 September 2018
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It's easy to feel alone when you're going through a divorce, but relying on a series of professionals can be helpful at this time in your life. The most important professional who can help you is a divorce attorney. This person will support your rights as a spouse and as a parent, if you have children, and will do whatever is necessary to ensure the divorce proceedings are fair for you. Read More 

Three Scenarios In Which You Should Consider Bird’s Nest Custody

8 August 2018
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Bird's nest custody, a custody arrangement in which the children live in one home and the parents take turns residing there, may be of interest to you and your spouse if you're in the midst of a divorce. This scenario provides stability for your children in a number of ways, even if it's a little inconvenient for you and your spouse. This type of custody is likely worth your consideration, but there are certain scenarios in which it's especially a good idea. Read More 

What Is An NDA And Why It’s A Good Idea To Have A Lawyer Look It Over Before Signing One

9 July 2018
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It's possible that you have an upcoming interview for a new job or perhaps you have recently been hired on to a new company. You might find that the company's practice is to have their employees sign a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA. What is an NDA and should you really sign one? Why is it a good idea to have an employment lawyer take a look at it before you sign it? Read More 

Divorcing When You Don’t Know Where Your Spouse Is

3 June 2018
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Being abandoned by a spouse is a devastating event. As a legal spouse, you do have recourse if your spouse has abandoned you. The biggest problem will be dealing with the divorce process when you are dealing with the emotional turmoil. If your spouse has left and not come back intentionally and you now want a divorce, here are some ways to deal with divorcing when you are not certain where they are. Read More 

Your Motor Vehicle Accident: What Next?

7 May 2018
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No one ever expects to get into a motor vehicle accident when leaving work or home. Such an event is disruptive and can affect your life for weeks or months to come. If such an unexpected event hasn't ever happened to you before, it's natural that you'd still be reeling and unsure where to turn next -- especially as you deal with insurance companies and filling a claim. With these prep pointers, the claim is likely to gain approval. Read More