Why All ICOs Require An ICO Lawyer

30 April 2020
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The ICO, or "Initial Coin Offering" is not as regulated as the IPO, or "Initial Public Offering." For this reason, you will likely need legal representation if you are starting a company and would like to raise money for it through an ICO. Requirements for an ICO When raising capital through an ICO, you will still need to file an application to the SEC before you are able to make shares available to the public. Read More 

Tips for Fighting a Speeding Ticket in Court

26 March 2020
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Do you feel like you were given an unjustified speeding ticket? If so, you should fight it in court. Here are some tips for facing a judge to dispute your speeding ticket.  Hope the Officer Doesn't Show Know that there is always a chance that the officer will not show up to your court date. If this happens, then your case will be dismissed and you won't have to pay the fine. Read More 

How To Deal With Real Estate Disclosure Requirements

27 February 2020
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Few legal matters in the world of real estate are as critical as disclosures. When a property is sold or transferred, the seller must disclose what may be wrong with the land, the building, and even the history of the site. Similar concerns also apply when a property is used as collateral, mortgaged, or put up for a lien. This makes real estate attorney services very important for a lot of folks. Read More 

What Is Willful Abandonment?

23 January 2020
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In states that recognize fault divorce, willful abandonment can be a ground for divorce. Even in states that don't recognize fault divorce, willful abandonment can still influence the divorce process in other ways. Below are some factors that must be present for the charges of willful abandonment to stick. Physical Relocation Abandonment only applies when one person physically vacates the marital home. The court will not consider it willful abandonment if your spouse is around, but they are not just giving you the treatment you deserve. Read More 

How Can You Use A Temporary Order To Establish Custody?

26 December 2019
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After your divorce is final, all the important decisions will be made and everyone can move forward. Child custody is one of the most important things to have finalized. However, when the divorce is ongoing, custody decisions are not final. You may feel in limbo when it comes to when you get to have custody of your children without an official arrangement. This is where temporary orders come into play. The following are some things you should know about temporary orders when it comes to child custody. Read More