A Picture Can Be Worth A Thousand Words – Especially Of An Auto Accident

15 December 2016
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The most important part of assuring that your legal interests are protected in the event of an accident is to document everything at the scene. While the police investigation provides a complete written report, mistakes do happen. The best way to cover yourself is with pictures; as many pictures as you can take. Even the simplest mistakes in an accident report can prevent you from either being compensated, as you should, or sometimes even being compensated at all. Read More 

5 Steps To Take After An Oil Rig Injury

28 November 2016
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Working on an oil rig in an oil field is a very challenging job, and there are inherent risks of injury. Some safety precautions should be taken, such as wearing protective gear at all time, using respirators if around noxious gasses, and always staying connected to fall protection harnesses. However, accidents and injuries can still happen if  even if all safety precautions are taken. If you are injured in an oil rig accident, take the following steps: Read More 

What Exactly Are Patents And Which One Should You Get For Your Invention?

4 November 2016
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You have a great new idea for a product or perhaps an idea to improve an existing one. You don't want anyone else to steal your idea before you have had the chance to research and design it and bring it to fruition. This is where a patent will come in handy. What exactly are patents and which one should you get for your invention? What Is a Patent? A patent is a grant given by the United States government to an inventor or company for the sole purpose of designing and researching new ideas in which to turn into products, machinery or even to develop new plants and flowers. Read More 

Take Charge At An Automobile Accident Scene Before The Authorities Arrive

14 October 2016
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When you're in an automobile accident, your first instincts might be to be upset or worry about the cost of repairs — and no one can blame you. However, it's also important to keep a cool head and take charge of the situation. Some people who are in accidents are so absorbed with what has happened that they fail to identify and react to safety threats on the scene. While the arrival of the authorities will make the scene safer, it could be several minutes before a police cruiser pulls up. Read More 

The Five People in Your Life You Need to Background Check

27 September 2016
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Have you ever run a background check on someone? You might be surprised how easy it is to do and to know that you should be running background checks on people in your own life. Here are four people you should know more about.  Your Online Date You've been talking online or even on the telephone, and you're really hitting it off. It's time to do some checking to make sure that this person is legitimate. Read More