Top Reasons Why You Might Need An Employer Attorney

3 May 2023
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You don't want to think that you could potentially have to take your employer to court one day, but it can and does happen. Even if you don't need to head to a courtroom, you have the right to protect yourself from an abusive environment where you don't feel safe, and from suddenly losing your job through no fault of your own. You might be wondering if you need an employer attorney and what are the reasons you should hire one. Read More 

Deposition Preparations — Your Legal Duties As The Victim Of A Car Accident

29 March 2023
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The discovery process involves the exchange of evidence between both parties. This evidence may be presented during the deposition that you are required to attend. Use the tips below to prepare for the deposition. Review Critical Details The deposition may be held in your attorney's law office, in the office of the defendant's attorney, or at another physical location that both parties have agreed upon. The deposition may also be conducted via a video platform. Read More 

Do You Need Probate When Your Spouse Dies?

23 February 2023
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When you experience the death of a spouse, it is often hard to figure out the following steps to take. But one of the questions you must answer is whether or not you will need their estate to go through probate. The need for probate is not always easy to answer because it often depends on what type of assets are left behind and how they are owned. Here is some information that may help you during the process. Read More 

4 Key Roles of a Guardianship Attorney You Should Know

19 January 2023
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Guardianship attorneys are an important part of the legal system. They help people make decisions about guardianships, a type of legal arrangement where one person (guardian) is given the responsibility to manage another person's financial, medical, and other personal matters due to that individual's inability or lack of capacity to do so. This includes children, adults with disabilities, and elderly individuals. Guardianship attorneys have specialized knowledge in this area and can provide guidance on the process and requirements for establishing guardianship. Read More 

Got Hit By A Car While Walking On The Sidewalk? Hire A Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer For These 3 Reasons

22 December 2022
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Most people don't want to think about a car accident or car collision because they are quite traumatizing. However, pedestrian accidents are even more traumatizing because they are fatal. Usually, those involved in pedestrian accidents sustain serious injuries; some even die instantly or while receiving treatment. Most of these accidents occur when the driver is texting or distracted. They also happen when the car gets out of control, hitting or running over the pedestrian. Read More