5 Warehouse Injuries That May Require A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

18 July 2023
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As a warehouse employee, you're likely on your feet all day in a fast-paced environment. You may have tight deadlines and a neverending list of tasks to complete. Unfortunately, this environment can lead to a wide range of injuries that you may not have expected. With so many things going on at once, it's easy for accidents to happen.

If you find yourself suffering from a significant injury after working in a warehouse, then it's important to seek out help from a workers' compensation lawyer. A workers' compensation attorney can help you file a claim for benefits and protect your rights throughout the process. Here are five of the most common warehouse injuries that may require a workers' compensation lawyer.

1) Slips, trips, and falls

Warehouses tend to have numerous objects stored in close proximity, making it easy to trip over something. You may end up falling into a piece of heavy machinery or landing on a pile of sharp-edged sheet metal or nails. Falls like this can lead to serious injuries that may require the assistance of a workers' compensation lawyer, especially if your fall resulted in medical expenses or missed wages.

2) Brain injury

There are a number of ways to get a brain injury, such as a concussion or fractured skull, in a warehouse. You may be struck by an object that falls from high shelves or storage racks, or you could hit your head against a piece of machinery. In situations like this, your cognitive function may be affected, making it difficult to make important decisions or deal with workplace correspondence. A workers' compensation lawyer can help you seek benefits for your injury so you can focus on healing your brain.

3) Back injuries

Loading and unloading heavy boxes or even standing on a hard warehouse floor all day can wreak havoc on your back. You may end up with strained muscles, herniated discs, or other back injuries that require long-term treatment and even surgery. A workers' compensation lawyer can help you seek benefits that will cover your medical bills and lost wages while your back recovers.

4) Repetitive stress injuries

Repetitive motion is another common cause of warehouse injuries. You may be lifting heavy boxes or operating machinery for hours on end, leading to strains in your muscles and joints. Repetitive stress injuries can develop quickly and can be difficult to gain compensation for without the help of a workers' compensation lawyer.

5) Eye injuries

Eye injuries can also be common in warehouses. You may be exposed to chemicals or dust that can irritate your eyes and cause long-term damage. You could also get objects in your eye while working, such as shards of glass or metal. You deserve proper medical attention in a timely manner for eye issues and the other injuries described above, so don't hesitate to reach out to a workers' compensation lawyer for help.