Deposition Preparations — Your Legal Duties As The Victim Of A Car Accident

29 March 2023
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The discovery process involves the exchange of evidence between both parties. This evidence may be presented during the deposition that you are required to attend. Use the tips below to prepare for the deposition.

Review Critical Details

The deposition may be held in your attorney's law office, in the office of the defendant's attorney, or at another physical location that both parties have agreed upon. The deposition may also be conducted via a video platform.

During the deposition, you will need to be prepared to answer questions that both attorneys present to you. Your lawyer will help you get ready for the deposition. They will go over all of the facts that pertain to the accident lawsuit. Reviewing the information will keep critical details fresh in your mind.

Your attorney may advise you to provide straightforward answers during the deposition. It is best to answer each question honestly but to not elaborate on things that have not been directly asked of you. 

Familiarize Yourself With Physical Evidence

Some physical evidence may be presented to you during the deposition. The evidence that the defendant's attorney submits, plus the evidence that your attorney presents, may be addressed during the questioning process that you will take part in.

During each appointment that you and your attorney meet face-to-face, your legal representative will help prepare you for the deposition. They may show you the evidence that they have compiled. They may also present some practice questions that could be similar to what you will need to answer during the deposition.

Physical evidence may include a copy of your medical records, photographs of your vehicle and the defendant's vehicle, and footage or photos of the area where the car accident took place.

Pay close attention to what each piece of evidence represents. This will help you provide clear and concise answers when you are asked about one of the pieces of evidence during the deposition.

Study Visual Aids

Visual aids may also be introduced during the deposition. Visual aids are often used to present a diagram of how an accident unfolded. Your attorney or the attorney of the defendant may ask questions that are based on what a visual aid depicts.

Your attorney will show you the visual aids that will be introduced during the deposition. In order to prevent inconsistencies in what you say during the deposition and during a live court hearing that you are required to attend, make certain that you are well-versed in what the visual aids represent.

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