Got Hit By A Car While Walking On The Sidewalk? Hire A Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer For These 3 Reasons

22 December 2022
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Most people don't want to think about a car accident or car collision because they are quite traumatizing. However, pedestrian accidents are even more traumatizing because they are fatal. Usually, those involved in pedestrian accidents sustain serious injuries; some even die instantly or while receiving treatment. Most of these accidents occur when the driver is texting or distracted. They also happen when the car gets out of control, hitting or running over the pedestrian. These accidents also happen in parking lots with busy intersections when pedestrians are crossing. If a car hits you while walking on the sidewalk, you should hire an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer to help you file a claim. See why seeking legal help is a brilliant idea.

Insurance Companies Are Difficult to Deal With

Pedestrian accident cases are tricky, and they can be trickier when you don't have a lawyer to handle yours. Typically, most insurance companies want to disassociate themselves from your claim simply because they don't want to settle it. For this reason, you will definitely lose your case when handling a pedestrian accident case yourself because these companies are tricky to deal with. Remember that they are in business, so they may want to save as much as possible. Even if the insurance company may seem to be concerned or want to be involved in your case, they may, on the other hand, delay your payout or even devalue your injuries to pay less. So always look for a seasoned pedestrian accident lawyer to help you pursue your settlement because they are familiar with the insurance company's tricks.

Injuries Sustained Could Affect Your Life Later

Pedestrian accidents are usually catastrophic, so the injuries sustained may have a long-term effect on your life. The effects of some injuries may not be immediate, so you may be tempted to overlook them. In fact, some pedestrians compromise their financial recovery process because they feel they weren't severely hurt or injured. This is a dangerous approach because those minor injuries could be potentially lethal for life in days to come. So working with a reputable pedestrian accident lawyer is a plus because they don't leave anything to chance. They give even minor injuries the attention they deserve, assess their potential impact, and ensure you are handsomely compensated.

You Lose More Money and Time When Pursuing It Alone

Filing a pedestrian accident case alone may seem inexpensive, but it's a riskier route. As a pedestrian, a lawyer should help you pursue a fair settlement for the injuries sustained. Most legal processes are daunting, and you may waste a lot of time and money when you don't have a legal representative handling your case. Fortunately, hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer makes all the difference because they handle all paperwork, help you gather evidence, observe deadlines, and work on a contingency basis.

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