Are You An Immigrant? Here's When You Need To Hire An Immigration Attorney

8 September 2022
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If you have just relocated to a new country, you may struggle or have issues understanding their immigration laws. Usually, these laws are complex. In fact, you need the help of an immigration attorney to understand them. Unfortunately, most immigrants find themselves in a difficult situation when facing immigration-related issues. However, hiring an experienced immigration law attorney is a great idea because they know how to deal with immigration cases. As an immigrant, here's when you may want an immigration attorney to intervene.

When Applying for Citizenship

It's one thing to visit another country, and it's another thing to become a legitimate citizen or acquire citizenship. Usually, you don't just visit another country and automatically become a citizen. There is a process to follow, and you need to present the relevant documents to complete the application process. However, the process is usually protracted because you may not know the documents and forms you should submit. For this reason, you should hire an immigration attorney to help you with any required paperwork and file the case as soon as possible. They understand the process and the most appropriate way to simplify it.

When Getting a Visa  

As an immigrant, you need to get a visa if you want to permanently or temporarily work in another country. However, visa requirements vary from one visa to another. So you need to know the special conditions you need to meet when applying for a visa or the category you fit into. Unfortunately, it's always hard without the guidance of an immigration attorney. It's usually hard to move on with the application process before you know the visa you are eligible for. Luckily, an immigration attorney will assist you with the process and help you get the right one.

When Preventing Deportation

Every immigrant should have a genuine reason to move to a new country. Unfortunately, things may get complicated after moving, leading to deportation. This sometimes happens when you don't handle the citizenship or presidency application process properly. However, an immigration attorney can help you prevent deportation. They can consult with the relevant agencies or authorities and help delay or even improve the deportation process.

When Seeking Asylum

Did you know you can sometimes be in danger in a foreign country? When this happens, seeking asylum is the best thing you can do. However, the process isn't easy, so you need to hire an immigration attorney to represent you. They know the kind of protection you deserve, mainly when fleeing persecution, war, or violence. They also understand human rights and how to protect them. But to be granted asylum, you need to have a legitimate reason and prove that you aren't safe in that country.

Consult with an immigration lawyer to find out more.