3 Tips For Finding A Law Office To Represent You

10 March 2022
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There are several reasons why an individual might file a claim: personal injury, property damage, and breach of contract are just a few examples. While you have every right to represent yourself after filing a claim, this is rarely the wisest course of action. Without an extensive legal background, it is highly unlikely that your claim will result in the best possible outcome. Instead, it is advisable to have a legal team at a law office represent you. If you are unsure of where to begin when it comes to finding a law firm that can handle your case, keep reading to discover a few of the most important things to keep in mind.

Case Type

Though popular television shows might have you believe that most lawyers work in the field of criminal law, the reality is quite different. Small law offices may handle cases of various types or may specialize in a particular field such as family law or personal injury law. Other small boutique firms may only represent corporate clients who need legal assistance with commercial real estate transactions. The largest law firms often have several prominent offices across the country that take on high-profile litigation or mergers and acquisitions of multinational companies. It is crucial to find a law office that has experience dealing with your specific case type. 


When it comes to the terms of payment, law offices can vary drastically. Many law offices work on a contingency basis, meaning you do not have to pay anything (save the occasional small fee for things such as document copies) until your claim is settled. Only then will they take a percentage of your total settlement. Not all attorney offices have such payment terms, however. Many of them require clients to pay a monthly retainer if they are seeking legal counsel on a long-term project. Working with a law firm that understands your financial concerns is key.


When looking for a law office to advocate on your behalf, it is important to prioritize both the kind and extent of communication you expect the firm to engage in. A law firm is likely to be a good fit if the attorneys are transparent about how they communicate with clients and what they will notify you about. In this way, both the client and the law firm are able to work together as the case moves forward.  

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