How To Work With Tax Attorneys When You Need Them

11 December 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog


Taxes are due each year in April, but the obligation to file and handle them is something that you have to keep track of. No matter your tax situation, there are always amounts you need to calculate and paperwork that you need to address. Having a tax accountant is one thing, but you should also hire tax attorneys when necessary. But who are these attorneys, and what do they do? In the article below, you will learn how a lawyer can help you out.

#1: Hire the tax attorneys that you need early, and not just when it is time to file

The thing about tax attorneys is that they are often hired reactively, instead of proactively. If you go to the lawyer early when creating your tax plan, you likely won't need them later. Some of the proactive things they can do for you include informing you on tax law changes, setting up your estimated tax plan, maximizing deductions, and helping you set up your Limited Liability Company (LLC) and address the tax implications that come with it. From there, the lawyer will guide you through the tax year so that filing is a breeze when the time comes.

#2: Figure out how you want to file and what tax implications you have

If you have a legal issue that needs a tax attorney's attention, you should hire them as quickly as you can to address it. For instance, you might file your taxes and find out that you are being audited or that the government has placed a lien on your accounts or assets. Ask the lawyer for advice on how to proceed and whether or not some form of a settlement can be made. Generally, tax lawyers will charge you $200 per hour and up. When you know the implications that you are dealing with, it'll help you make decisions that are productive.

#3: Get in-depth tax service for any unique situations

Outside of minor issues, you may also need to hire a tax attorney for in-depth services that have big ramifications. You might be dealing with tax evasion or tax fraud cases, or you may need help with formulating an offer in compromise (OIC). These issues can weigh on you if you don't get professional help, so make sure to find a credible lawyer.

These three tips can help you work with tax attorneys when you need them.