The Consequences Of An Accident With A Driver Who Was Breaking The Law

3 December 2018
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Getting into an accident is never a good situation, but it is even worse when the accident could have been prevented had the other driver not been breaking the law. When another driver breaks the law and causes an accident because of it, that person will face consequences, and there are several things to understand about this type of situation.

The driver will be labeled the at-fault driver

The first consequence the other driver will face is being labeled as the person who is at fault for the accident. If a person is driving and breaking the law while driving, this will automatically cause the person to be at fault for the accident. Some examples of laws people break while driving include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and texting while driving. If the other party was doing any of these things, he or she will be responsible for causing the accident to happen.

The driver could be charged with a crime

The second thing to understand is that a person who causes an accident due to breaking the law could not only be responsible for compensating you for your damages, but this person could also face criminal charges. When the police arrive at the scene and discover that the person was texting or drinking, or whatever it was, the officer will include this in the report. This person might be arrested at the scene of the accident, or he or she could be charged at a later point in time. You have the right to contact your local prosecutor to pursue criminal charges against the person if the prosecutor is not already doing so.

You may need to pursue investigations

If the evidence from the police report did not include that the other driver was breaking the law, you may need to pursue investigations into this if you strongly believe the other driver was breaking some type of law. In some cases, it is very clear that a person was breaking the law, but there are other times when the evidence is not so clear. If necessary, you may need to investigate the case to dig up information that would prove the person was doing something illegal while driving when the accident occurred.

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