Your Motor Vehicle Accident: What Next?

7 May 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog


No one ever expects to get into a motor vehicle accident when leaving work or home. Such an event is disruptive and can affect your life for weeks or months to come. If such an unexpected event hasn't ever happened to you before, it's natural that you'd still be reeling and unsure where to turn next -- especially as you deal with insurance companies and filling a claim. With these prep pointers, the claim is likely to gain approval.

Record Memories

At first, your memories of the time before, during and after the vehicle accident might seem clear. In fact, at times it can seem like you'll be unable to forget the events of that day. However, as life slowly returns to normal a few details can begin to slip away. Record your memories with your smartphone or another device you can use to remember relevant information when asked by your insurance company or lawyer.

Get Repair Estimates

Your vehicle was probably banged up in some capacity because of the collision. Getting it fixed is probably near the top of things you're most interested in. Get repair estimates and send them to the insurance company. Realize that your current insurer may have their own recommended mechanics; however, using them has nothing to do with whether you'll be reimbursed or not. Compare prices on your own and select the repair shop that's most convenient for you.

See a Doctor

If your body wasn't seriously hurt, it's possible that it never occurred to you to see any physicians about bruises and cuts. However, to have proof of any hardships or physical injuries, you'll need to have a doctor verify your claims. Their reports can serve as official records for the insurance company.

Avoid The Other Driver

You should never be contacting the other person in the motor vehicle collision--or anyone claiming to represent them--unless you've retained a lawyer and they are aware and present. The driver's insurance company may ask for recorded statements that could affect the outcome of your own claim and contact with the driver without legal counsel can lead to all kinds of additional legal woes. Your attorney will ensure any contact results in only positive results for your own cause.

Your insurance claim has a better chance of being approved without trouble if you observe these suggestions. If you're denied, or simply want to feel more confident that you're doing everything properly, retain motor vehicle accident attorneys with some experience with motor vehicle accidents.