Four Reasons You Must Hire An Automobile Accident Lawyer

27 January 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you have been involved in a car accident, you may be wondering whether or not a lawyer is needed in your situation in order to receive compensation for your claims. It really depends on the situation, and the situation can even change over time and lead to the need for legal help, which is why it's definitely a good idea to meet with a lawyer for a free consultation as soon as possible to go over the case. Here are four specific reasons an automobile accident lawyer on your side is the most beneficial.

  1. Injuries are Severe: If you suffered severe injuries as a result of the car accident, chances are you are going to want a lawyer to represent you, especially if those injuries have injured you to the point where dealing with the legal troubles on top of the recovery from the injury can be overwhelming. Chances are, you are going to have high medical bills for the injuries as well, which you definitely want to ensure compensation for. 
  2. Fault is Disputed: If the opposite party is saying that the accident was your fault and it's becoming difficult to prove otherwise, you definitely want a lawyer by your side. He or she can use an expert witness to determine who is truly at fault, which can only help your case if you know that the fault was of the opposite party's end. If fault cannot be proven, you can miss out on your legal right for compensation.
  3. You're Being Offered a Low Settlement: Many times, insurance companies will offer you a low settlement that they don't seem to be budging on. Hiring a lawyer can seriously help in this situation because then they will be the one to deal with the insurance company. Lawyers know what you deserve and what should be agreed upon and therefore, you will not receive anything lower than what is necessary in your case. 
  4. Your Case is Going to Court: If your case has gotten to the point where you need to proceed with a court hearing, it's better to go into the situation with a lawyer if you don't have one already. Your lawyer will collect every piece of evidence that they can find to prove your case, as well as put together all documents that showcase what amount you should be paid. 

These are just four reasons to hire a lawyer in your case. If you are still unsure, it's always best to meet for at least a free consultation to discuss whether or not you have a strong case that is worth pursuing an automobile claim for.