Resolve Conflict In The Workplace

7 January 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you are employed at a warehouse and lately have been harassed by one of your fellow workers and now dread going to work each day, due to the constant threats and glaring looks thrown to you by your peer, you do not have to deal with this behavior and can remedy the situation so that you are able to work without any hindrances affecting your productivity level. Try the suggestions that follow to help you with this matter.

Speak To Your Employer In Confidence

If you would like to keep the matter out of the limelight and would feel more comfortable about talking about it when none of your peers are present, ask your employer if you could speak to them in confidence after everyone else has left for the day.

During the meeting, speak openly to your boss about what has been going on. Include details that pertain to each event, such as if any words were exchanged prior to the altercation, the location inside of the business where each incident occurred, and if the other person has caused you to believe that they may harm you at some point. Your employer will likely look into matters immediately and may wind up reprimanding the other person or terminating them.

Request A Mediation Meeting

If you believe that there is an underlying issue as to why the other person is treating you bad and think that it may not be due to you or how you act, but the fact that your fellow worker is having problems outside of the workplace, perhaps a mediation meeting can resolve the conflict and help the other person realize their wrongdoings so that they make changes in how they treat you.

Ask your boss if it is possible for you and the person who has been bothering you to sit down with them during a mediation meeting. If your employer is agreeable, they can listen to you and the other person and provide feedback that can help diffuse the situation.

Contact An Employment Attorney

If your employer doesn't seem interested in helping you and tends to blow you off whenever you request assistance with the bullying that you have been subjected to, speaking to someone outside of the business who has been trained to resolve issues in the workplace can be helpful. Laws are in place that protect people from discrimination and bullying and guarantee a safe work environment.

Make an appointment with an employment association attorney. Before arriving at your attorney's office, write a summary of what has occurred, including dates and locations of incidents, how your employer responded when you told them there is an issue, and how your work performance has been affected. A lawyer will try to resolve the issue directly and will represent you in court if your employer hasn't been responsive to the workplace changes that your lawyer has proposed to them.