Did Your Teen Share Someone Else's Nude Picture? Get A Lawyer

29 September 2017
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There are a lot of things that can go wrong when a teenager has a phone, and they share things that aren't meant to be shared with the friends or on the Internet. If your teenager received a picture on their phone that had nudity, and they then shared the picture with anyone or someone was able to get it off their phone, they could be facing some legal concerns. You want to talk with a criminal lawyer right away with the following information, and about these things as well:

The Picture and Senders Information

If the sender of the picture was a minor, then your child could have been illegally spreading child pornography by passing the picture along. You need to have the age and information of the person who sent the picture, and you want to show the lawyer the picture if your teen still has it to see what type of image it was. A copy of messages that were sent along with the picture is also important, to see if your teen was told not to share the picture.

Exposure Information

You need to everyone that the teen sent the picture to, or where your teen posted the pic, so you can try to determine how much exposure the picture got. If there is a chance that original sender sent the picture to people other than your teen, and if there is proof, then this may be a way for the lawyer to show that it could have been spread by many people and that your teen alone shouldn't be targeted.

Relationship Information

The relationship between your teen and the teen that sent the picture is important. If they were in a romantic relationship and the other teen trusted your son or daughter, this will look very bad. If your teen doesn't know the person well or didn't ask for the picture to be sent to them in any way, then the intentions of the sender will be in question.

You need to tell your teen to stop talking with anyone about the picture, to remove the picture from their phone, to take down any postings of it, and to keep their opinion or information about it to themselves until you speak with a lawyer and can find out what to do. There are a lot of consequences to issues like this and you want your teen to get the best outcome possible. 

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