Want To Adopt A Pet? How One Scam Leaves You Without A Pet Or Money

29 April 2015
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So you've finally made the decision to purchase a pet for your family. Your kids are jumping for joy as together you look online for the perfect addition to your family. Imagine the joy you all feel when you finally find the perfect match. However, if you've paid a lot of money for a pet and don't receive the pet, you may need a lawyer to sue the person in hopes of getting your money back.

This guide explains how to avoid the fake pet scam and subsequent legal fees you'll spend when trying to recoup your cash:

Criminals Use Fake Pictures

When you contact the person selling the pet, ask to see a video of it. If the person refuses, you have just dodged a big bullet and you should cease contacting them. When criminals sell fake pets, they usually take photos of puppies, kittens, ferrets or other pets from other websites and post them as real pets for sale.

Ask if you can come see the pet in person before you buy. Even if it's out of town, the money you'll spend in travel is far less than the money you could lose if you follow through with purchasing a pet just by looking at a photo online.

Criminals Ask For More Money

Even if you can obtain confirmation that there is a live pet, it doesn't mean that it is for sale. You'll know there is a problem if the seller asks for more money to ship the pet. This is often a ridiculous amount of money for a shipping crate. Then they will ask for shipping fees. The next thing you know, there's another problem that they need you to pay for to ship the animal to you.

At this point, you should stop communications with them, file a police report and contact an attorney to see if you can get your money back.

Criminals Never Send the Pet

After you've sent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to pay for a pet, the fake seller may just disappear if they run out of things to charge you money for. You'll end up with an empty wallet and no pet. If at any time, you feel like you're being taken for a ride, stop sending them money and report them to the authorities.

Prevent becoming a victim of this swindle by only adopting a local pet that you can physically see, touch and interact with. Have every detail of the adoption on paper so that you'll have legal recourse if the seller backs out of the deal. With your attorney's help, you could get refunded any deposit you've put down on the pet. 

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