Hiring A Family Lawyer Is Practical When You Seek Child Custody Rights

1 December 2014
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Couples do not go into marriage and plan for a divorce at the same time. The simple truth is that some marriages last forever, but some do not. Sometimes warring parents file for exclusive custody of their children simply because they now hate or distrust each other. The children are placed in the middle of the squabble and are used as pawns by angry parents who are demanding total custody of their children. Hire a qualified family lawyer like those at the Raskosky Law Office to handle your child custody legal rights as a parent if you and your spouse contemplate going ahead with a divorce.

Courts Order Best Arrangements for Children  

One of the most common disagreements in family court is that of child custody. Most parents love their children. In the heat of a divorce or separation, however, some parents become bitter against each other and stubbornly demand physical custody of their children. Family law courts generally make decisions for custody based on what the law feels is in the best interest of the child or children.

Physical Custody Rights Endure

The court does award physical custody rights based on evidence supporting such a request. When your family attorney presents evidence pertaining to instances of child abuse or any type of violence committed by a parent, the court will not offer physical custody or visitation rights to that parent.

Family lawyers will make sure that your rights as a parent do not cease when you are divorced from your spouse. In some cases, they will seek shared custody between you and your ex-spouse. Shared schedules are normally given in custody rights cases and may include how a child's holidays will be shared. Weekends or summertime breaks may be divided between each parent. It is also your family lawyer who fights for equal participation on your part in major decisions that affect your child's life.

Custody Court Case Modifications

Sometimes variances develop after the court has approved custody. Such variances might change the original order of a visitation schedule. Your attorney will seek the court's approval for a revision of the court order by presenting evidence to document why the order should be modified. Changes generally include when a parent becomes unemployed, is ill, or perhaps is moving away to a different state. It is important for you to consult with your qualified lawyer who will handle these details for you so that updated arrangements can be legally made.

Whisking a Child Abroad to Avoid Court-Sanctioned Visits

Your spouse who may hold physical custody cannot decide one day to move away out of the country with your child without the court's permission to arrange how your visits with the child will take place. Family law intercedes, and your lawyer will go to bat for you to ensure that your visitation rights do not end abruptly and illegally.