Top Reasons Why You Might Need An Employer Attorney

3 May 2023
 Categories: Law, Blog


You don't want to think that you could potentially have to take your employer to court one day, but it can and does happen. Even if you don't need to head to a courtroom, you have the right to protect yourself from an abusive environment where you don't feel safe, and from suddenly losing your job through no fault of your own.

You might be wondering if you need an employer attorney and what are the reasons you should hire one. Here are just a few top reasons why an employment attorney might be necessary.

You Were Fired Unfairly

This happens more often than it should, where an employee has been wrongfully terminated from their job. This could be due to the company downsizing, or they have another hire in mind for your position but you did nothing wrong. It can also be due to you becoming pregnant or even asking for a pay raise.

If you were wrongfully terminated from your job and you can prove that is the case, an employer attorney can help you sue your former employer for compensation.

There are laws against wrongful termination and employers need to prove you did something wrong that warranted the firing. If they can't provide proof of this, the court will find in your favor.

You Are Treated Unfairly

This is a bit harder to prove, which is why it's important to document every instance of unfair treatment at your job. You may feel you are being treated unfairly or even being kept from getting the promotion you feel you deserve. This happens in many workplaces where the employer has preferred workers they will give overtime work to, promotions, and even better positions in a warehouse or manufacturing setting.

Your employer attorney can help you file a case to get compensation against an employer who you feel is treating you unfairly and even abusing you.

You Are Being Harassed

If you find that you are being harassed at your job, you have the right to file a complaint or a lawsuit against the company or that worker for compensation. You will need to document every instance of harassment that you are subjected to. You can write it down along with the date and time it occurred. Write down the harasser's name and position at the job too.

You can access videos of the occurrences and get witness statements to help prove your case as well. Contact an employer attorney to help you investigate any harassment claims, including sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racial discrimination so you can be compensated.