Take Better Car Accident Photos

12 August 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog


After a car accident, one of the first things you may want to do is gather evidence. If you have injuries or pursue a lawsuit after a car accident, these photos will be a crucial component of your case.

So, how can you make sure that you take better photos of the scene? These tips will help you capture the aftermath of the car accident.

Take Many Photos

First, it is important that you take as many photos as possible. Not only do you want to take a lot of photos, but you also want to capture the scene from many different angles. The more angles you can approach, the better idea you can give others of what happened.

Capture Every Side of Your Car

You may be tempted to take photos of only the part of your car that has experienced damage, but you should actually capture your car from every angle. You should also capture every angle of the other vehicles involved. Do not forget to take photos of anything damaged in the interior of your vehicle.

Get License Plates

It is also a good idea to take photos of each license plate. While you may be able to identify the drivers in court, it is important to have evidence of the specific vehicles involved.

Take Note of Surroundings

Photos of the surroundings of your accident are also helpful. You benefit from taking pictures of signs, the location where each vehicle came from, and any other environmental factors, like construction and road signs. If you can see skid marks or debris on the ground, make sure to take photos of these things as well. They often indicate who put on the brakes and at which point.

Use Timestamps If Necessary

While cell phones typically record the time at which a photo was taken, you could be using a regular camera. If so, you should turn on timestamps to have specific information about when a photo was taken.

Call a Car Accident Attorney

Once you have taken photos of the car accident you might want to know if you need to gather additional evidence. Evidence helps determine who caused the accident and whether multiple parties may have some fault in the accident.

Contact a car accident attorney today to learn more about gathering evidence and to discuss other options for pursuing your case in court. Your photos may prove very useful in court, but your attorney might also want to capture other pictures of the area.